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The Good Ship Crisco

Swab the Poop Deck

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Ahoy, matey! Here be the community for all those scurvy dogs who be on me pirate ship, The Good Ship Crisco, and also have a LiveJournal. Since there be no more invite codes any more, I'm sure we'll have quite a few more joining our ranks. Matey. So feel free to post piratey things, upon your own whim, and generally be scurvy. That be all, so I bid ye farewell.
_not_ ninjas, anchors, bandannas, boots, booty, cannibals, cannonballs, cannons, captain zero, chasing booty, daggers, davey jones, dead-men-tell-no-tales, desert islands, dubloons, eunichs, eye patches, fierce storms, food-that-prevents-scurvey, good ship crisco, hooks, islands, jolly roger, keel-hauling, land-lubbers, midget pirates, monkey side-kicks, more rum, ninjas-are-less-cool-than-pirates, other-things-that-i-will-add-later, parrots, peg legs, pirate flags, pirate ships, pirate's gold, pirates, piratey things, pistols, port, really bad eggs, rum, scurvey, scurvey crews, scurvey land-lubbers, skeleton crews, skull and crossbones, starboard, stern, swords, the crows nest, the good ship crisco, the hull, the poop deck, the seven seas, the spanish main, treasure chests, wenches, yo ho, yo ho ho, yo-ho, yo-ho-ho