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Sorry mateys, if ye want, ye can sign up to be on me pirate ship by clicking on the bottom link on the left. Only then will I approve of yer posting in me community. Until that time, shove off, land lubber!

Also, mateys, I've updated the comment posting requirements, so you can post anythign you want. I thought it'd be a better idea than to have yuo fill out the form first. I'm stupid.
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I'm the admin, so if you have any problems, come talk to me, or the other Admin: nowiamsix. I've made her an admin without her permission, but let's hope she stays. But firstly, come to me, as I am the RULER OF ALL THAT GOES ON IN THIS COMMUNITY.

Haffa gud tay
I wanna be a pirate!
You are! haha. Use this button to show that you are a pirate. You also have been made a member of the community now. Haha.
Hey, dunno, if this was the link cause it was actually on the right, but there was no left sided link. I think this community is awesome! May I join?
Arrr, me be wantin' to join!